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Our Services

Before Sale
This service is done by one of our technicians, that visits the company with the purpose of analysing the customer´s needs, as well as the condition of the equipment(s). All kinds of suggestions or recommendations will be done in order to clarify and inform the customer so this can make a conscient decision that can maximize the productivity of its company.

After Sale
This service includes the installation of the equipment, training and teaching of workers until the complete and fluent integration of the equipment in the productive system of the company. We consider that a good understanding of the equipment use is essential for a proper functioning of the same.

Sale of Components and Acessories
Visit of one of our technicians to the comapny in order to give all the necessary assistance for the maintenance and/or repairing of the equipment. We have a specialized team that is ready to give this kind of assistance at any time and efficiently.

Venda de peças e acessórios
We deliver with the maximum urgence components to replace and other materials that may be needed for the equipment. We have a large stock available of the components that we commercialize.
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